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About the IBO 2012 Logo

The IBO 2012 Logo was designed to represent the spirit of the International Biology Olympiad and embody a sense of the host country’s unique relationship with nature.

The logo’s principal colour is the bold red closely associated with Singapore, affectionately known as 'the little red dot' in reference to its appearance on the world map.  In the national flag, red symbolises ‘universal brotherhood and equality’, a sentiment in common with the IBO's aims.

The letters 'I-B-O' have three iconic images superimposed.  The DNA double-helix over the letter 'I' symbolises the molecular and cell biology, microbiology and biochemistry disciplines.  At the very core of life, DNA is the underlying unity within the diversity of all living things.  These disciplines also form the core of modern Life Science industry that Singapore has made a strategic pillar of growth in its economy, investing heavily in pure and applied research, and manufacturing sectors to become a major research hub in this arena.

The letter 'B' has a Sunda Pangolin or Malayan Pangolin (Manis javanica) ambling through, and represents the animal functional morphology and ecology aspects of the competition.  Also known as the scaly anteater, this native mammal of the order Pholidota inhabits the Central Nature Reserves, Western Catchment Area and the larger offshore islands.  This nocturnal animal gets its name from the Malay language word, pengguling, which means "something that rolls up".  This it will do when sleeping or threatened. Manis javanica can be found widely distributed in Southeast Asia.

The letter 'O' features the Singapore Rhododendron (Melastoma malabathricum), also known as the Straits Rhododendron which signifies the fields of plant diversity, anatomy, and physiology.  It is not really a rhododendron but belongs to the family Melastomataceae and is distributed across tropical Asia.  Known in Malay as the Sendudok, parts of the plant are consumed as remedies for various gastrointestinal ailments.  The seeds stain the tongue black (Melastoma is Greek for 'black mouth').  Although a very common native species in Singapore’s nature reserves and also seen around disused clearings or cleared land, it lacks the celebrity status of orchids, of which Singapore is a major worldwide exporter.  The Vanda Miss Joaquim, a hybrid orchid cultivar, is Singapore’s national flower.

Use of the IBO 2012 Logo

The IBO 2012 Logo embodies the visual identity of IBO 2012 Singapore and cannot be used, whether in whole or in derived form, by external organizations, websites or other entities without permission.

If you require an image prepared specifically for web linking purposes, please refer to the linking to IBO 2012 website page.  If a higher resolution image is required for print purposes, please contact the Secretariat with a description of the intended use of the logo.  If approved, an appropriate image file will be sent.

You may also refer to the Media Information page for additional guidelines.

by Dr. Radut.