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Bio Video Competition

Winning Entry for IBO 2012 - Team Japan!

Team Japan's hilarious entry for the Bio Video Competition was voted by the 234 competitors at IBO 2012 Singapore to be the best entry in this competition. See the rest of the entries at official Bio Video Competition page.

About the Competition

Winning Video from IBO 2010 submitted by the German team

Students, are you in love with biology? Or with your pets? Do you talk daily to your house plants? Do you sleep with your biology books? Do you want to share your passion for biology?

Try it out! 

Participate in the Bio Video Competition: You and your team could be awarded in the IBO 2012 closing ceremony in Singapore. All you have to do is producing a short video on the Internet (on YouTube) about your national team IBO preparation. You will find further details below.

You and your team can start shooting your video after your National Olympiad first selection round.

1. Motto for the video: We love biology

The video shall focus on your commitment and interest in biology. It should illustrate in an innovative, humorous and creative way the reasons for you to participate in the National Biology Olympiad.

You can possibly:

  • show how parts of the National Biology Olympiad are carried out in your country
  • show how your national team prepares for the International Biology Olympiad

(you can look at the previous years films on the IBO website)

2. Duration of the video

Max. 4 min.

3. Language

English (or with English subtitles, see Universal Subtitles)

4. Deadline

July 1st 2012. By this date your video has to be on-line (on YouTube) and its URL has to be sent to the IBO webmaster: gerard.cobut@naturalsciences.be in order to make a link from the IBO website (http://www.ibo-info.org).

5. Prize

The winning team will be rewarded a prize of € 250 for purchasing scientific textbooks, donated by the IBO Coordinating Center. The winning team will be called on stage during the closing ceremony and the film will be presented. If the filmmakers were competitors in the national Olympiad but not selected for the IBO team, the prize will be given to the delegation. In this case decisions on how to split the prize are up to the delegation co-ordinator.

6. Adjudication

First round: before IBO 2012, the coordinators of the participating countries will select five films according to the competition aims (cf. 1). During the IBO week, the students will select the winning film from those five. The decision of the juries is final. Only one film per country is accepted.

7. Copyright

Participants in the video competition transfer the copyright of their film to IBO, allowing the film to be used for promotional purposes for National and International Biology Olympiads. To make sure a video does not infringe someone else's copyrights see: YouTube Copyright Tips

8. Technical aspects

  • Please make sure your film can be viewed on full screen: see compression guidelines at vimeo.com
  • The name of your country has to be mentioned in the beginning of the film
  • Your team co-ordinator has to bring along a copy of the film (file in a classic format) to IBO 2012 in Singapore.

See the videos from previous competitions:

by Dr. Radut.