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Linking to the IBO 2012 Website

Websites that wish to hyperlink to the IBO 2012 website should adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Abide by the IBO 2012 website Terms of Use. The IBO 2012 Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse permission for any website to link to the IBO 2012 website if the committee deems this to be undesirable, and without giving any reason.
  2. Hyperlink to http://www.ibo2012.org/ only.  Do not create a hyperlink to any other webpage within the website.
  3. Hyperlinks may be text-based or image-based.  If image-based, please use one of the prepared button/banner images below.
  4. The images should be used as-is, without modification.  If none of the images fit your application, please contact the web administrators with your specific requirements.  The IBO 2012 Logo should not be used in isolation for hyperlinking purposes.
  5. Please refer to the Media Information page for a style guide/name usage guide.

Linking Images

A selection of image styles and file formats are available.  Right-click on the images or the text-link below, then Save image as...

Alternatively, you can embed the provided HTML code and a clickable image will be displayed.  Click on the HTML link below the image of your choice, copy and paste the code into your webpage at the appropriate position.

Web badge - 125 x 50 px: PNG (5 KB) | HTML


Web badge - 180 x 72 px: PNG (7 KB) | HTML


Wide banner - 440 x 110px: PNG (24 KB) | JPG (23 KB) | HTML


Tall banner (white) - 120 x 200px: PNG (12 KB) | JPG (21 KB) | HTML
Tall banner (black) - 120 x 200px: PNG (13 KB) | JPG (20 KB) | HTML


by Dr. Radut.